Consortium Rewards Are Heading To Proofreaders – The Oracle

You’ve been patiently waiting for these promised rewards and the day is coming soon when we can deliver them to you! One of the last steps in production is proofreading and we have several pieces heading to the proofreaders in the upcoming days. So, here’s where we’re at right now…

Time Travel book 2 has now gone to the proofreaders and we’re hoping to finish that up soon. As you know, we still have Time Travel 3 in the works and it’s currently marching through production.

The Definitive Edition Rulebook is going through its final edit. This is a great collection which will include about 100 extra pages of story, equipment, planet details and so much more! I would consider this one a “must-have” for any serious collector.

The Expansion Volume 1 book is also running through final checks and should be lining up right behind the Definitive Edition. The Expansion Volume 1 has undergone a few changes here and there but we’re very happy with the results and incredibly pleased to be able to present to you all of these expansions in one single volume that will sit nicely next to your Definitive Edition Rulebook. Ed is confident that we’ll be able to deliver this to backers by the Kickstarter deadline!

That’s about it for updates on production. I hope to have more details for you soon. Next week come on back and join me for a History in Profiles where I take a little closer look at some of the Consortium’s most notorious characters.

Until next time!