Day Fourteen of Champion of Earth Kickstarter – Here Comes the Man in Black!

Hi everyone!

This is the Man in Black, one of the most useful cards in the game when you are in a tight spot:

Man in Black 2 (1)

It’s only a Level 3 piece of Equipment, but it has a very useful special ability.

It allows you to discard this card and trade every other Equipment Card in your hand into the deck. The deck is then reshuffled and you are given the same number of Equipment Cards (except the Man in Black!) back.

This allows you to replenish and refresh your equipment when you’re facing something you might not be able to defeat. There are a number of single cards which can save your bacon at the worst moments of this game, and this innocent-looking piece of equipment (of which there are two in the deck!) is the one that will let you re-draw your hand to try to get one!

What more could you want from the Man in Black?

Well, don’t mistake it for the “Other Kind of Man In Black”. More on that tomorrow!

– Ed

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