Kickstarter Update – The Oracle

Champion of Earth is racing through its Kickstarter campaign and so far we’ve broken through a ton of Stretch Goals. All this great news means that our backers can expect to get a whole load of extra cards with their default decks! Things are doing well and right now the campaign is moving ever closer to expansion decks. Share this event with your friends because the more people that join in, the greater the rewards are for everyone!

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I mentioned last week that our next big game explosion is going to be the Era: Survival expansions. Well, put a mark on your calendar because work has begun on that Kickstarter and we’re planning to run it in May. That may sound like it’s far off but it will sneak up on you faster than an Infected in the dark!

Along with a whole host of other expansions, this event is going to bring you the Aqua and Swarm Source books. These books were mentioned in the previous Kickstarter and Ed wanted to make sure everyone had a chance to get their hands on them. I know you’re going to enjoy these in-depth looks at some of the peculiar denizens of the Survival world!


As we get closer to this event I’ll be bringing you more information about these and the other books available, but until then I have an image to show you. This piece is from the Swarm Source Book. If you’ve never heard of the Swarm I’ll let you in on just one fact. The Drones of the Swarm burn everything and everyone around them to ensure that they don’t become Infected. This is virtually the same exact thing I do when I see too many dishes in the sink. You’ll find this and so many more invaluable pieces of detail in all our Survival expansion books. Start prepping today!

See you next time!