Delivering Rewards and the Next Big Era Game! – The Oracle

Chances are good that you’re familiar with Era: The Empowered. A year ago, Ed released a Rulebook Primer for the game and since then we’ve been slowly introducing some of the characters and concepts of the world. Then again, perhaps you’ve been out of country for the last year or perhaps you’ve been locked away in some bizarre medical experiment. Either way, I’ll give you a quick rundown.

Era: The Empowered is an RPG inspired by popular 90’s era animated superhero television shows. Using the standard and sometimes not so standard formula for creating powers, Ed and the team are taking on the world of heroes and villains. Much like our other games, this one has a lengthy history full of characters that aren’t always what they may seem. Along with the traditional good vs evil battles, there are quite a few characters that blur the lines and make for fascinating study. Two of them have just been given their own comic.

Lacuna’s comic has been delivered to Ed this week with Penumbra coming along not too far behind. Ed is just waiting for some shipping materials before he can send these out. We’re anticipating these to be delivered around the end of the month which is on target with our Kickstarter expectations. To see Ed’s Kickstarter Livestream of the Lacuna physical copy, go here:

Now that these comics are finished, the team is moving on to work for the full rulebook. Right now, test artwork and test stories are being completed to help narrow our focus and make sure everyone on the team is working with the same idea in mind. It’s an exciting project and I hope you’ll keep checking back to follow our progress.

That’s it for me. Have a fantastic week and I’ll see you all Saturday!