Empowered Kickstarter Is Getting Its Final Touches – The Oracle

We’re nearing the official unveiling of our latest Era RPG Core Rulebook!

Era: The Empowered will be finished and ready to impress in just a week. Many hands (mine included!) have worked hard to bring the rules, stories, and images of this world to life and we’re excited to finally show it off. Right now, Ed is going through the final stages of setting up the Kickstarter and its video. Warm up those dice rolling fingers because it’s just about time to play!

For those of you who supported the Tales of the Empowered, rest assured that you will get your copy of this compendium of character stories in advance of the Core Rulebook Kickstarter. And, for those of you who missed out on your first chance to add this book to your collection, never fear! Ed has decided to make this book available on the Core Rulebook’s Kickstarter as well. We try to give our fans every opportunity to get as much extra content as they could ever want.

In other game news, Era: The Chosen’s Kickstarter release has been delayed. We are now targeting the second half of this year as its expected debut. We’ve been working hard to bring you top-notch games and we want to be 100% certain that each RPG we create is the best that it can possibly be before it gets to you. Unfortunately, that sometimes means a little extra wait while we make sure the game is ready.

Well, that’s all I have for you today. Come back on Saturday for a new image from one of the upcoming Consortium Expansion books. See you then!