Empowered Update 5 – Unfortunate News…

Hi everyone…

I’m really sorry to have to announce this, but several risks I have been monitoring for a while have unfortunately come to fruition and we won’t be able to deliver the Core Rulebooks before the end of May.

I could try to rush this, but it would mean cutting out a LOT of artwork (which I don’t want to do), and rushing through several other things. I’m not willing to give you a low-quality product, so I’m going to say right now that it won’t make that date.

The Kickstarter commitment of August is something I am still very confident we can achieve, however!

We’re still working at full pace and we may be able to have something to offer… watch this space…

For now, here’s some more info on where the book is at:

Writing is almost entirely complete, with only the Worked Examples and a few Campaigns still to be finished.

Artwork is also coming on nicely – this image is a new favourite of mine, the Part 1 Title Page:

Part 1 Title Page - Websafe

There’s still a lot of artwork to do, as well as quite a lot of flow charts and similar additions to the book, so we’re still working hard on those!

Now I’m going to stop writing this and go to make the Worked Example pages – that’s always fun, it involves a lot of dice rolling and beating people up with superpowers!

Please let me know if you have any questions.

– Ed