The End Of A Kickstarter and Another Chance To Come See us! – The Oracle

I don’t want to start out sounding dramatic or anything but… if you missed us at MCM London you missed out on the biggest event we’ve ever done! We had more games and more participants than ever before. It was amazing, but you don’t have to just take my word for it. Ed and the gang took some great shots of our teams hard at work and you can find them HERE, HERE and HERE. These three videos capture some of the thoughts people had after they played through our games. I’ll spoil the ending for you and let you know that everyone loved the games, but there are some fantastic stories in there. We are really thrilled that we got to share our games with so many people! Thank you to everyone who made time to stop by.

Now don’t worry if you’re one of those folks who missed out. You still have another opportunity before the end of the year to come see us and play a few games. Dragonmeet is on Saturday December 3rd this year and we’ll be there with all our gear and just about any of our games you want to lay your hands on. We’re really looking forward to it and hope that you are too. Make plans to spend an hour with us and we’ll show you just how easy to play and how fun these games are.

My last announcement today is that we’ve ended another great Kickstarter. Era: The Consortium’s expansion blow-out ended on Tuesday with a whopping FOUR extra books for everyone eligible! That’s incredible and we really can’t thank you enough for supporting us and for supporting The Consortium. I’ll come back to this on Saturday with some more specifics but for now just know that we’re all over here thinking warm fuzzy thoughts about all you kind and amazing backers.

With this Kickstarter finished, Ed has us working night and day to finalise the expansion and dive into production mode. We’re working on the writing and images for Empowered, the last few images for Era: Hitman as well as final touches on Champion of Earth. This means that we will have plenty coming out in the next few months. 2016 is not going to pass by quietly, we plan to keep pumping out games straight into the new year!

That’s it for today, I’ll see you all again on Saturday!