Come See us at MCM Tomorrow! – The Oracle

At this very moment, Ed and Leo are just finalizing the setup of our booth at MCM Comicon in London. You can find us at Stand 1232. We’ll be there through the entire weekend so you’ll have plenty of time to stop in and check us out.

For the first time ever, you can check out a copy of Era: Silence and attempt to earn your true name by overcoming the Challenges on the Isle of Silence. Do you have the self control to play a game with limited communication? Stop by our booth to play this and any of our 5 available games either Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. Ed will be right there to answer all of your questions and even just have a chat about creating games if you’re interested.

There will not be a news post on Saturday due to our attendance at Comicon but be sure to check our Facebook and Twitter pages through the weekend to get loads of updates, photos, and videos! Remember to tag us in any photos you take with Ed or the GM crew, we love to chat with fans!

Have a great weekend and I’ll catch up with you next week where we can talk about the end of our Kickstarter event!