End of an Era (That is, an Era: The Consortium Comic Kickstarter)! – The Oracle

This is it folks! We’re down to the final hours of our first full-length comic Kickstarter. Counting Down From One ends in only 24 hours from the posting of this announcement! If you’d like to know what happens to our team of brave time travelers hop on over to the Kickstarter and pick up a copy of this 21 page full color comic. No pushing, no shoving and make an orderly line to the finish!

In rulebook news; Ed received the final layout pages earlier this week. He is at this moment making comments and small changes here and there. All this fine tuning is going to make the end product beautiful and I can’t wait to show it off when it’s finished. For now I can let you have a sneak peak. Enjoy!


See you next time!

– A

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