Era: The Consortium Consortium Expansions – Spotlight on “Free Trader” – The Oracle

In the run-up to our second Consortium Expansion Kickstarter I’ll be sharing some in-depth information regarding each of the books you can expect to find available. Today’s spotlight will be on one of the most asked-for expansions: Free Trader.

So, let’s start with the basics…

What does it offer?

  • the ability to carry cargo
  • information on the specified Cargo Capacities for ships
  • sale prices for a huge variety of goods for each Hardcastle Haulage Cargo Station in the Consortium!

This means that you can now run shipments to any of the most popular Consortium destinations with all the latest and greatest cargo made by Big Eight companies.

For those of you in the audience with a mischievous eye you’ll already have put it together that where there’s cargo travelling from place to place there’s also something else… pirates!

This brings me to my second Free Trader detail:

What are the new rules?

Everything you need to know for:

  • Piracy
  • Commandeering cargo
  • Boarding a ship
  • Disabling a ship

These are the two biggest additions that you’re going to find within the Free Trader book: the ability to haul cargo and the rules regarding how to take it away!

But, that’s not all you’re going to find inside this expansion. It wouldn’t be a Shades of Vengeance book if we didn’t give you a whole host of world building material as well.

What additional world details will there be?

  • station details for each of the Haulage locations in orbit of every planet (more than one, in most cases)
  • details about the unique local populations for each station
  • a new story for each station
  • an image for many of the stations

This book is going to allow you to expand your gaming world exponentially and give you the tools you’ll need to run some fantastic sessions. Stick with me and I’ll introduce you to more of the Expansion titles you can expect to find in our upcoming Consortium Kickstarter!

See you next week!