Era: The Consortium Rulebook Kickstarter Launch Date Confirmed!

Hi everyone,

Exciting news! We’re going to be starting our Kickstarter on 10th October 2014.

The Kickstarter will give you the chance to buy the Rulebook Primer, Full Rulebook, Comic and everything else we’ve produced so far, as well as having a few juicy stretch goals (an application to assist with character creation on iOS and Android, for example!).

We’re also giving the opportunity to back for just $1 in return for thanks in the book, just so you can show your support.

I’ll (of course) be linking the campaign here as soon as it kicks off, and if you guys could all spread it around, that would be absolutely amazing!

During the countdown to the beginning of the Kickstarter, I’ll be posting a few things of interest about the book every day – images you haven’t seen yet, a short story or two for your enjoyment…

So, keep an eye out here if you want to experience a little more of the Consortium before the Kickstarter…

– Ed

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