Era: The Empowered Image And A New Writer for The Chosen – The Oracle

Happy Thursday, everyone!

The weekend is in sight and I’ve got a bit of game news and a brand-new image for you today. It just doesn’t get much better than this.

One of our newest titles, Era: The Chosen, is getting a notable writer added to its roster of talent. Darren Pearce will be joining the creative team behind this dark thriller and we’re excited to have him. Darren’s credits including working on such games as Dr. Who and Judge Dredd, both of which will come in handy when dealing with the nightmarish creatures existing in Erebus, the hidden universe intersecting our own reality. Keep checking back as this game progresses through development for more sneak peeks!

Speaking of getting a little glimpse, Ed has given me a special image to share with you today. For anyone who’s had a chance to play Era: The Empowered during one of our Quickstart Sessions, that we run at conventions, you may have heard Ed mention something called “The Hunger” (and possibly a giant shadow sandwich to feed it…!). This chaotic force plays a pivotal role in the world of the game and this image shows the moment that it finally arrives here on Earth. As you can see, this is going to take more than one super-powered player to handle!

Things are moving along smoothly with this game and I plan to give you more updates as work is completed. For anyone who’s been following along with the progress of this game since its inception you’ll notice that this piece of art is a departure from what we first introduced. You can expect to see the art for Empowered follow this more complex and shaded direction from here on out. I think it’s a great move and can’t wait to see more!

That’s it for today. I’ll be back Saturday with another Consortium “A History in Profiles”!