A History In Profiles: Steve Adams – The Oracle

From number-crunching corporate employee to savior of billions, there is perhaps no one in the Consortium with a more unexpected path to notoriety than Steve Adams.

This Hayden Bank middle manager left his steady job and went on the run when he suddenly gained a special insight into what the Big Seven were really doing. Seeking escape from those who would try to silence him, he soon found himself recruited to the Resistance. Most stories would stop here: just another disgruntled citizen to join the ranks of a rebellion… not this one.

Steve Adams realised within the Resistance that he had a special talent to bring people together. As the field commander for Stiletto unit, Steve became a lightning rod and gave so many publicised speeches he was known as “The Voice of the Resistance”. His first mission to assault a Smertios Security base not only ended successfully but without a single Resistance casualty as well!

However, even a rising star must one day fall. In spectacular fashion, Steve Adams died heroically in the Orion saving 14 billion lives. That’s quite a journey from someone who started out only caring about money.

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