Era Games Galore, Marked For Death Kickstarter End…

Hi everyone!

I’m doing another (editing) pass on the Era: The Empowered Primer while Keith finishes off the artwork and the deeply awesome new character sheet we’re working on. Our first version was a bit of an “ink sucker”, so we’ve had to cut that back a little on the vibrant colours! I still think it’ll look brilliant, we’re working very hard on it to make sure you’ll love it!

The artwork is coming along nicely as well – you can expect to see some more of what we have underway on Wednesday, in the normal Empowered slot. Everything is going nicely, I expect to have Era: The Empowered’s Primer ready on schedule!

Unfortunately, the Era: Lyres proof has not arrived on schedule, I’m going to have to have the company re-send it, which is going to result in a delay – apologies, guys, situation out of my control.

I’m also working hard on the new Survival Horror game that I’m creating, based on an enhanced Era d10 Ruleset. I need to come up with a good title for it before I create a subsite, but I think you can expect that as soon as I come up with one. This game is going to have a very different look and feel to anything I’ve done before and I’m really looking forward to it!

The new expansion for Era: The Consortium – “The Secret War” has loads of artwork underway, and it’s looking truly awesome. I don’t think it’ll be long before it’s ready now… We’ll keep you posted on the Saturday updates, of course! I’ve actually started writing for the second, which will introduce a new playable race for the game… and bring a lot of questions to the forefront which will be very relevant to the future of the Consortium.

The Marked For Death Kickstarter is heading for the end now, we’re inside the last week. I’m hoping the last 48-hour “Remind Me” boom will be enough to push it past the Stretch Goal, because the guys backing it have been awesome!

I think that’s everything from me today! Have a good one and drop any questions or comments you have on our Facebook page (especially if you can think of a name for the Survival Horror game!).

– Ed

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