Era: The Empowered and Era: Survival

Hi everyone!

With Marked For Death waiting for funds to come in from Kickstarter and Lyres just waiting on print runs to be delivered, I have had a little more time to work on my two newest games, Era: The Empowered and Era: Survival.

The Era: The Empowered Primer is just undergoing layout. Keith and I are finalising the look and feel – I think you are all going to be impressed!

I am also looking around for an artist who can help me out with the massive numbers of Empowered concepts – for both champions and villainous characters. A few people have applied, but finding someone who I can work with and bring you cool-looking designs is very important!

Era: Survival is coming along. Freddie and I have been working on the factions and locations and we just today received our first draft piece of artwork for this new game, which displays the location of a group of researchers, known as Base 9. I expect Amy (The Oracle) will be trying to talk me into showing you the artwork for this as it comes, so you likely don’t have too long to wait!

That is everything from me today, I will be back next week with more news about what I am doing!

– Ed

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