How long can you Survive?

Grab your shotgun and come with me if you want to live!

base 9_blur - Websafe

This is Base 9. Inside these sturdy, patchwork doors you’ll be safe from the constant onslaught of attack from Infected and Raiders. Though the automatic guns no longer fire, this safe hold has never been breached. Our success is due, in part to the many brave souls who work to repair damages outside while flamethrowers drive the enemy back.

It is no mystery why Base 9 is the location most heavily under siege. Three generations ago, a Red Cross representative purchased the base from a Vault Hunter. When she arrived, she found it was a fully-stocked genetics lab utilizing a nuclear generator which would give out enough power for a hundred lifetimes. Thus began her recruitment of scientists and technicians who would seal themselves off from the rest of humanity and work to end the Infection.

Today, the descendants of those first scientists are still hard at work. Deep inside Base 9 the research is ongoing. It remains the most technologically advanced settlement on all of Gaia.

The scientists and warriors who live inside this base survive with a surplus of freeze-dried food. Of course there are times when small teams of exploration crews are required to search the outside lands for additional resources and even personnel to continue their necessary work. Life in Base 9 is as comfortable as you could expect under the circumstances, at least the crime rate has dropped to near 0%. With hordes of attackers trying to get into the compound no one has time to quibble over petty complaints.

Perhaps some day they will find a way to destroy the Infection. I know, it sounds impossible and by the time they find a cure there might not be any of us left to save.

Hold on one more day!


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