Kickstarter funded and moving towards Stretch Goals with still 28 days to go! – The Oracle

The Kickstarter for The Order of the Link is rounding the corner on its first week and we’re thrilled with all the support it’s gotten so far! Thank you to everyone who’s donated or passed along the information. There is so much time left and so many stretch goals that we could reach (don’t worry, we have more we can add!), so I hope you’ll take a look at backing this great game. We’re incredibly lucky to have the best fans and friends in the business. Keep up the good work: being awesome!

Things are moving along nicely in the world of Frontier. Ed and Brendan have met and discussed the rules at length; creating some new ideas that need to be decided upon. We’re excited about the possibilities in the massive universe of this game. It upholds all the best traditions of classic sci-fi roleplaying, set in an expansive area that you will be able to fully explore. The size and scope of this universe is going to let you take a ship into the farthest reaches of space to lose yourself for days on end. Sound interesting? I’ll do my best to get more details for you next time.

Next week I also hope to have a piece of artwork to show you of Marked for Death.

See you next time!

– A

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