The Consortium – A History in Profiles: Benjamin Hayden – The Oracle

It’s no secret that the early days of landing on Taranis were chaotic. While some folks squandered their time in contemplation and rebuilding, others chose to capitalize on this blank canvas of society. Benjamin Hayden, a raw materials salvage operator, saw opportunity and rose from the ranks of the working class.

He became a purveyor of information and a pivotal character in this new civilization’s beginning. His methods were questionable but his results were inarguable. Before his death, Benjamin Hayden created a massive financial empire, a lending institution that formed the backbone of The Consortium’s ruling body, as well as an enduring legacy of power that passed on to his heirs for countless generations. A solid gold statue of the Hayden Bank founder stands in the lobby of their main office as a testament to this formidable man.

He had money like Donald Trump, power like King Tut and secrets like Al Capone. Not a bad way to live life if you don’t mind bending the rules. Would you choose a different path? Check out our current Patreon Campaign for playable sessions every month or pick up the Time Travel 5 pack from our store. Take part in history and perhaps experience the world as Benjamin Hayden sees it!

This week we’re continuing edits and art for Counting Down From One. I’ll have more news for you next time so until then, keep on rolling!

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