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One of our favourite things about this whole game designing business is getting a chance to sit down and run a game with folks who love to play. It warms our toes and makes all those long cold hours sitting in front of the computer worth it. Let’s be honest, there’s a reason why we all love to get around a table together. There’s a kind of magic that happens when people play an RPG that you just don’t get anywhere else.

That’s why we’re going to try like mad to attend as many conventions as possible this year. We want to see each and every one of you, play our games with more people than we can handle and bring this experience to loads of new players! At the end of the day, once all the words have been printed in the rulebook and the last piece of art is laid out, it’s the players who really make these games come to life. I don’t want to get too mushy, because Valentine’s Day is over, but seriously we want to see each and every one of you!

Our convention calendar this year will be starting out on May 22-24th with the MCM Comicon event in London. Don’t worry, there’s still plenty of time to purchase tickets and find someone to water your garden. We’ve also been invited to Dragondaze in Wales and we’re seriously looking into attending. There are several other conventions around the UK that we’ve got our eyes on as well and I’ll get you details just as fast as I can catch them. You can keep up with where we’re going by following along in our news posts. Who knows, we just might show up at a town near you!

Aside from booking events, we’re busy morning, noon and night developing more games. Because of this new game influx we sent out a cry for help a few weeks ago and we’re thrilled with all the responses to the Game Developer position. Thank you for your interest! We’re looking through applications now but we’d love to see more.

Our Game Developers are the people who really bring dreams to life. They are the confidence boosters that a game creator needs in order to go from dreaming of an idea to getting it published and in the hands of eager players. You would get to use all your creativity, help someone achieve their dream and at the end of the project get full credit for the work that you do. Sound like fun? To be a part of our creative family please get in touch and feel free to spread the word about this great opportunity!

See you next week!

– A

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