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If you can’t get enough fabulous science fiction based games, and frankly I know I can’t, then you’re in luck! Shades of Vengeance is currently in negotiations with two more game creators. Both are set in science fiction worlds with one being near future and the other a much farther futuristic vision. I don’t have more information than that right now but I’ll keep you posted as the details come rolling in.

While we’re getting things started with these new games we’ve decided to make some changes to our website. Shades of Vengeance is taking on a bit of a new look and in order to do that we’ve hired a professional graphic designer who’s going to tweak and tuck to make us look sharp. It won’t be completely different but you may have started to notice some style changes already.

Along with the appearance of the site, we’ve also changed up some things in our store. The biggest news is that the Amazing Space Adventures physical primer is now available for purchase!  We’re really excited to get this one out to our Kickstarter backers and for those of you who didn’t get a chance to be a part of that event then here’s your opportunity. Head on over to our store and pick one up for yourself.

The only other change I have to announce this week is that we’ve now taken down the Consortium Kickstarter rewards which were posted on our site for a special extended period. Not to worry, you can still find the Last Stand of Stilleto Unit comic as well as both the digital and physical Rulebook Primers. Go and take a look in our store to check out some of these changes. We’ll be offering the Full Rulebook, Digital and Physical there as soon as they are ready, of course, as well.

Looking forward to more news and happenings next week!


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