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Era: The Consortium – Rapier


You may not be impressive to look at, but inside a computer, you are a god.

Rapier brings the story of the hackers in the Consortium to life, particularly focusing on Rapier Unit, the group responsible for much of the Resistance’s information. Follow this unit, led by a master, through their most dangerous adventures!

True masters of hacking do not simply access computer systems through interfaces, they load themselves into the virtual environments within. Corporate-employed defenders patrol these systems, with the aid of defensive programs which the intruder must overcome to access the data hidden within.

This expansion provides rules and information for immersive hacking. Mechanically interchangeable with a simple roll, the virtual environment provides a Combat experience which synchronises with Combat on the outside, bringing an equal experience to the players!

N.B. This expansion requires the Era: The Consortium Core Rulebook or Rulebook Primer for use.



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Digital, Paperback