Era: The Consortium Core Rulebook


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Era: The Consortium is a science fiction Tabletop RPG set far into humanity’s future. Allowing a versatile approach to sci-fi roleplaying, this book offers the ability to play anywhere in a five hundred year timeline. Options range from a high Utopian space-faring society with mighty starships and bountiful exploration all the way to gritty, dystopian cityscapes, ruled over by a corrupt, totalitarian government. Whether your party are the high ranking officers on the bridge of a shiny Consortium space vessel, or desperate freedom fighters trapped in a soulless mega-city, you are free to tell whatever sci-fi story your heart desires.


Era: The Consortium offers fast-paced and fun combat rules designed to not mire the players in an hours-long combat that slows down the pace of the story. This versatile approach encompasses multiple aspects of battle, including personal skirmish with guns and melee weapons, vehicular battles for planet-side showdowns, and large-scale space combat between vast starships and zippy fighters. The critically-acclaimed rules for space battles are centred around innovative teamwork, allowing the captain, gunner, pilot, and various other members of the ship’s crew to contribute to the battle in their own unique way.


In this rulebook, you will find:

  • The Core Era D10 ruleset, a versatile “dice pool” based TTRPG game system which powers play
  • A detailed guide to character creation. Play as four unique races, including humans, and a multitude of bizarre and exciting alien species
  • Swaths of options for technological implants which grant amazing new abilities to your characters, and personal specialty abilities, gained through intense, lifelong training
  • An extensive equipment section, including weapons, armour, and an array of other items to enhance your character
  • A detailed history of the Consortium universe spanning hundreds of years, a fantastic starting point for telling sci-fi stories, and allowing player characters to fit effortlessly into the most detailed sci-fi world of any indie title on the market
  • Thirty-five session ideas to enable GMs to get right into the action with their players throughout any point in the timeline, eliminating the need for heavy prep work right out the box
  • Real-world examples of the rules in action, for those who learn best from seeing it played, as well as advice for GMs new to the Era D10 system


The Era: The Consortium core rulebook (and a few dice!) are all that is required for anyone to play the game. With a range of original miniatures, a whole universe of expansions, and a Primer available to add new context, abilities, and much much more, you’re all set for more adventure, should you want to dive deeper into the world of Era: The Consortium.




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