Heavy Weapon Expert Sci-Fi (Zeelaay) – Miniature


This Miniature is:
– 32mm scale
– 3 Pieces
– Slotting Bar included in Model
– Base included with model

Zeelaay is a fairly unusual Eulutian. He’s almost completely silent except when he’s firing his heavily customised rocket launcher. He loves to cause maximum havoc for the enemy in combat situations and has been known to cackle with glee while raining death on their enemies.

As the unit’s pilot, his precision and dexterity are put to their maximum use – he would never say it, but everyone knows that only he could have got Stiletto Unit onto the Orion.

Zeelaay is a character from Era: The Consortium, an epic Sci-Fi RPG with 500 years of playable history.

Additional information

Weight 0.025 kg
Dimensions 3.5 cm