The History of the Future (Novel)


– A 608-page novel
– It follows the development of a community of Humans over 500 years, from a colony ship landing on a new world to a multi-system civilisation which has encountered numerous alien races.
– It is told through the eyes of people who live in the world, who see the changes in stance throughout this history.


About the Consortium

Humans in The History of the Future are primarily ruled over by a body called the Consortium.

While other groups exist, including the Outsystem Combine and the independent people of Nodens, the majority of the population are subject to the rules and traditions which are imposed by the Senate and the Big Seven companies.

As political machinations continue, the balance of power between these two groups varies, with wars and suffering or prosperity and enlightenment resulting from their various actions.

Caught in the middle, the population has little choice but to learn to live with it, as the centuries pass by…


What does the universe include?

I’ve included most of the things that people expect from science fiction, and leaned mostly towards the harder end for a more realistic feel to the universe.

That includes:

– Faster-than-light travel (limited to wormholes that are found, for now…)

– Encounters with and then integration of a variety of alien races, with alien customs and attitudes

– An expansive and complex political environment

– Exploration and colonisation of new worlds

– (Unfortunately) Wars between Humanity and enemies bent on its destruction

– Uplifting of primitive alien societies, and the problems that come with that

– Amazing technology which offers new opportunities… and calls for new sacrifices

– The development of superhuman Psionic abilities among some of the population

and much, much more…


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Digital, Paperback