#RPGaDAY2018 Day 14!

Hi everyone!

And another “Describe”. I think these ones will tend to be a little longer!

Describe a failure that became amazing.

Only one thing comes to mind for that, from an early playtest of Era: “High Fantasy”.

A character called up to a fort, asking to be let in in an area which had a large number of Undead roaming.

The guard (not the smartest of them all) called back, asking whether they were Skeletons.

For some reason, this player answered “Yes!”.

The hail of arrows that followed knocked a few people out of play for a while, but no-one was seriously injured. Of course, that was when one of the other players stepped up:

“We’re sorry! We won’t be Skeletons any more!”

Once I’d finished laughing, the guard decided he believed them and let them into the fort!

– Ed