Era: Hitman Support Materials available now on DriveThruRPG!

Hi everyone!

Some great news for fans of Era: Hitman, our modern, “assassins with superpowers” game today: a number of support materials have just been released on DriveThruRPG!

For the first time, you can get hold of a campaign which we wrote specially for Era: Hitman’s Kickstarter, “Two Wrongs”. This 3-session story follows a “simple assassination”, which has more consequences than you ever imagined!–Two-Wrongs-Campaign-Session-Pack-1

There are also three maps available at “Pay What You Want” prices:–Government-Server-Building-Map–Yacht-Map–Villa-Map

And, in case you want a starting point for your character, we have a Premade Character Sheets Pack for just $0.50:–Premade-Character-Sheets-Pack

I hope you find all of this content useful for your games of Era: Hitman!

And… good luck out there…

– Ed