#RPGaDay2020 – Day 11: Stack

Hi everyone!

I’ve actually got a “stack” of books on Kickstarter right now, so I thought I’d talk about that today, if that’s all right! I’ll try to make it not too boring!

I believe that one of the most important things about a game that goes out into the world is to provide support material for it. All of our Core Rulebooks include campaigns and sessions for easy gameplay, and several games (Era: The Consortium, Era: Survival and Era: The Chosen) also have separate session and campaign books.

There are also things like extra equipment or abilities, new superpowers, random session generators and various other content that could be added to the games.

Rather than do this in a volume for every game, I publish The Era Zone, an inexpensive zine ($2 per issue), which offers material for every single game we have published.

Whether this is the right approach or not, I’m honestly unsure (see Day 9’s post – I’m making my best guess), but I think that it offers much better value to nearly everyone who wants it.

Currently, The Era Zone is on Kickstarter, meaning you can actually get 7 issues (or 8 if we hit the next Stretch Goal!) for £11 ($14), and support the upcoming issues as well. You can also just grab one issue to make sure that you’re interested, if you prefer!

I think producing this sort of material is really important, and I know that several others do as well, from the support I’ve received on the Kickstarter. I hope you’ll consider supporting this if you did not already!


I hope to see you there!

– Ed

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