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It started small; just a thought that grew into a dream. That dream led to our first Era game which is being played by a fantastic group of dedicated fans. It’s been an amazing process and we couldn’t be happier with the success of the games we’ve created but today I’ve got some news that’s pushing my excitement meter to the next level.

The Shades of Vengeance games will be available at a physical shop in the UK!

Very soon you’ll be able to walk into a store and grab one of our titles off a shelf. We’re currently in talks with the owner to negotiate the terms of carrying a supply of our RPGs. I don’t have details yet on when or where but I’m going to be twisting Ed’s arm for information every chance I get.

Just imagine… you’ll be able to come in off the street and thumb through a copy for yourself! We plan to deliver primers as well as full rulebooks where available for Era: The Consortium, Era: Lyres and Order of the Link. The books will be available as hardcover or softcover and we’re even going to send out the comics.

Ed will visit the shop and run a few games to get people started once things are all hammered out and they’ve got the first shipment of books. It’s not every day you get a chance to sit down with a game creator and play under their guidance. I’ve heard that Ed’s regular gaming sessions have a great time so you’ll want to keep up to date with this announcement to know when he’s planning to be in the store.

In other company news I can tell you that Ed’s talking with several game designers about creating more new titles which means we’ll be looking at a very busy summer!

Enjoy your weekend and I’ll see you next Thursday!

– A

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