Preparing a new campaign, writing a Traveller’s Guide…

Hi everyone!

If you are up to date with our latest news, you already know that we have shipped all Era: The Consortium rulebooks to backers, I have finished writing the Lyres Deluxe version and am just waiting for the response from a couple of proofreaders and that Era: The Empowered is coming along reasonably well.

So what next? Do you have to wait for Era: The Empowered to get hold of anything I have created?

Of course not! 🙂

I am writing a new campaign for Era: The Consortium, which I will be subjecting the bravest members of my regular group to. This campaign is designed to explore the story points around my three planned expansions for Era: The Consortium. They will play the events of these expansions and help me to shape characters who will then appear in the expansion itself – which is very similar to the birth of Scimitar and Stiletto Units.

The expansions themselves are well on the way and going very nicely – and, in preparation, don’t forget to check out the Era: The Consortium subsite for loads more information on the various companies, additional stories and all of the History in Profiles entries done so far – way more than has been there previously (I finally finished my work on that subsite)! I even included some alternate timeline companies that never survived in the main story (related to the Time Travel Campaign).

Speaking of the Time Travel Campaign, the third session pack, which I promised several people at MCM May would be up soon, is now on the Store.

I like to keep busy, I think most of you have figured that out by now! So that isn’t all that is going on for me…

With the Lyres Deluxe very close to completion, I am working on the add-on, “Yarnolth and the Surrounding Lands: A Traveller’s Guide”. I have already completed nearly a third of the first round of writing, which is pretty good, I think. I will be getting that out to Kickstarter backers in digital form relatively soon… and considering how best to proceed with it after doing so. At the very least, I am sure it will go up on the Store.

That is everything from me just now. I will be back next week with more info about what I am doing!

– Ed

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