Status of Consortium Expansions – The Oracle

Things are looking good in the world of the Consortium. Everyone is hard at work finishing up the various elements of all our expansions and Ed expects to be done mostly on schedule. So, let me tell you where each of these books are at!

The Definitive Edition Rulebook is fully written and is just awaiting Ed’s thorough check of the new content before sending it out for proofreading! Only a bit more polish on this one and we can call it finished.

Time Travel Campaign Part 1 is currently with the proofreaders now. We’re waiting to hear back so that any last-minute adjustments can be made before we call this one completed as well.

The Secret War Extended Edition (which is a unique reward for Kickstarter backers) is with the proofreader but still waiting for the last batch of brand new artwork to arrive. Once that’s done we’ll be ready to finish layout on the Era: The Consortium Expansions- Volume 1 Hardcover!

Time Travel Campaign Part 2 is just now being checked over by Ed. He’s hoping to finish this next week and then it will be off to the proofreaders right away.

Time Travel Campaign Part 3 is completing the writing stage this week and then it will be going to Ed for checking.

Revival is the one that’s been giving us the most challenges in that it’s required more work than expected. We may not be able to deliver the digital version on quite the same schedule as all the others. However, it was the last Stretch Goal unlocked so I suppose it makes sense that it will be the last of our books to line up for completion. We thank our Kickstarter backers for their patience and understanding. All of the other rewards have already been delivered in digital format so I’d call that fairly well done, wouldn’t you agree?

So, that just leaves us with the future of the Consortium to talk about. As I’m sure you’re well aware, when the Consortium Expansion Kickstarter finished there were still some great expansions that ended up being left on the table, so to speak. Well, we’re nothing if not thorough and I’m pleased to tell you that Ed has plans to continue development of those as well as other expansions to the Consortium universe. We’ll be starting work on Free Trader and The Resistance Sourcebook within 2017. So, make room on that gaming shelf because we’re about to fill it up with some amazing expansions this year!

See you next time!