Things To Look Forward To In The New Year – The Oracle

Welcome back! I see you’ve all made it safely through the end of 2016 and hopefully you’re just as excited about this next year as we are. Ed has plans for an amazing year and we’re all going to be hard at work to make those plans a reality. So, should I start with what you can expect from us in the next 52 weeks? Follow me!

Our first big edition for this year will be Era: The Empowered. This superpowered RPG will focus on an international cast of characters with colorful background stories, fully developed artwork and an expansive history chronicling a wide arc of time through the series. Ed has some big plans for this game and I know it’s going to knock your socks off.

Through the Christmas holiday we’ve been working on several areas of development. The artwork is beginning to flow and the new style guide for story structure is in place. Ed has even brought on 2 new concept artists to the team, which is going to help broaden the visual creativity. We expect to be releasing this game in the first half of this year, right around the same time as the May/June conventions for MCM and UKGE. Keep checking back because pieces are going to be falling into place rather soon for this one.

Another game which is nearly complete and almost ready for Kickstarter is Era: Hitman. This assassin-with-a-twist game is just going through the final finishing touches now. We’re waiting on the last 2 images and finishing off the character sheet and flow charts. This Pocket Edition will be coming out soon so be sure to check back often for details.

Those of you who are eagerly anticipating an addition to the Era: Survival universe will be pleased to hear that “The Swarm” Source Book now has all of the artwork complete and Ed expects to get it available on Kickstarter soon. The plan is to deliver this book within the first half of the year, most likely around April. Do you think you’re ready for a deeper look into one of Era: Survival’s most dangerous group of citizens?

Moving on down through 2017 the next thing you can expect to see coming your way is our card game. Perhaps you’ll remember from playing this at one of our convention appearances, or perhaps you’ll remember from all the times we’ve talked about it in news posts. Either way, you’ll be thrilled to know that Champion Earth is in the midst of an art explosion! Everyone who’s played this game has loved it and we can’t wait to make it available. Even with all that we’re hoping to accomplish in the first half of 2017 we still plan to finish this game around the end of May. We’ll be working hard to make that happen!

So, that marks the big events coming in the first half of the year but we still have other projects we’re working on that will carry us through to the end of the end. Our newest game, Era: The Chosen, is about 25% written and artwork for that game will start this year with a projected finish by the end of 2017. I’ll be sending out details as I get them from Ed so stay tuned.

The other game I can tell you we’re looking at expanding this year is Era: Lyres. We’ve got a few ideas on directions for this game and I’ll be working with Ed to try and find something that adds to the universe of the game in the same fun and unpredictable style as the original. More fantastical stories and bizarre tales almost too impossible to be believed will be coming your way!

We have an amazing year ahead and we’re thrilled to have you all join us. There will be something new coming for nearly all of our games and whether you’re someone who loves the depth of Consortium, the spine tingling horror of Survival, or the thrill of something new, we’re sure to have something this year that you’ll love!

Don’t forget that you can always find new monthly sessions for the Consortium available on our Patreon ( We may expand this to include some of our other games as well so keep an eye out for that!

Welcome to the new year and I’ll see you next time!