Surrounding you with the world of Survival

Ed is working hard to introduce you to the Era: Survival world in an immersive way. He’s got loads of things planned for the Kickstarter, including special freebies that will be given to Backers as the weeks go by. He’s also creating a live action Survival video. Talk about immersive!

This approximately 3 minute video short will introduce you to what life is like in some regions of Gaia. We’ll have behind the scenes stuff and if the timescale works out like we’re hoping you’ll be able to see the whole video soon. I got a chance to read an early draft of the script and if they’ve kept any of it, it’s going to keep you on edge!

Until that comes out you can get a deeper look at Survival with our friends over at Dice and Stuff who are looking at running a session. They’ll be showing us just what it takes to stay alive on Gaia. I’m guessing that’s going to include some serious throw down fights, perhaps a little running and even some hiding in dark corners. We’ll have to wait and find out.

I’ll be back with more news next week!


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