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If you build a car you take it for a test drive, if you write a book you give it to a beta reader, if you make an RPG… you play it!

Just last week, Ed sent out the call to his trusty group of well trained players. The Secret War Expansion was ready to be tested. They answered with gusto and a good time was had by all. Why, you may be asking yourself, does a creator need to play the game? Shouldn’t a person be able to write up rules and scenarios and just have at it?

Not hardly. Without running our games through adequate playtesting we’d lose out on all sorts of in-game problem solving. Let’s be honest, some rules sound great on paper but when acted out through live sessions they could end up confusing or clumsy. This is also the time when Ed can get inspired and have the chance to explore great ideas for new characters.

By the time you’ve gotten your hands on a polished copy of an Era game it’s already gone through countless hours of play time. I know, they’ve got a grueling job don’t they? Well, someone’s got to do it.

So today I’d like to say thank you to our team of playtesters who help make each game the absolute best that it can be. Without them we’d just be sitting alone at a table with a bunch of dice having conversations with ourselves… it’s not a pretty thought.

The expansion is moving along steadily and Jennifer is hard at work on the accompanying stories. I hope to have more news for you very soon.

I’ll see you next time!

– A

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