What to do when there’s nothing to do! – The Oracle

It’s officially a slow news day. All of our games are being feverishly developed but today I don’t have a single big announcement to give you. That sort of thing happens at times and you have to know how to handle it. So, to help you out I’ve come up with a few quick ideas on what you can do with your extra time.

1. Take off both shoes and socks. Stuff your hands inside the turned out socks and make puppets. Button eyes and falsetto voice totally optional. Not ideal during rush hour commute.

2. Organize your spice rack according to country of origin, sub-organized by economic stability.

3. Assign each of your closest friends a Star Wars identity and make them refer to you only as Rebel Commander for the rest of the day.


You can jump online and download a digital copy of Order of the Link, Amazing Space Adventures or one of our other great games and start playing something new (or meet Ed at Wayland Games!). It’s entirely up to you… I think I just might try those sock puppets.

See you next week!

– A

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