#RPGaDay2020 – Day 4: Vision

Hi everyone!

I’m back again today, and there’s only one thing I want to talk about based on the “Vision” prompt. It probably is somewhat linked to the fact that this game has been on my mind for several days for a variety of reasons!

Era: Forbidden was a game I put together with my wife, Immaculate. You might have noticed that she is credited in the Special Thanks in every book – that’s because she does a huge amount behind the scenes that lets me to continue to create. Well, this time, I got to sit down with her and build a world which was a vision made by both of us.

This world is dark and harsh, but there are heroes, too. I’ve run and played a lot games of it recently, and it’s always a treat: the game is designed for a small group, as few as 1-3 players and a GM. That gives you an opportunity to explore the characters in detail, as well as keeping the fear in you – facing an army won’t go well!

Well, I’ve just released it on the Shades of Vengeance Store, so you can get a copy of your own for the first time, if you missed the Kickstarter:

This shared vision of the world will always be special to me, perhaps more so than any of the other games I’ve created. I believe you’ll all thoroughly enjoy it, so consider checking it out.

– Ed

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