The Consortium – A History in Profiles: Shaun Hardcastle – The Oracle

The life and legacy of Shaun Hardcastle is the Greek Tragedy of the Consortium universe. His ancestry and company history trace all the way back to 25CE, with the very first transportation contract. From the height of his position as CEO he lived an unsurpassed life of luxury with his wife and triplet sons. However, things were not always easy for this hardened man of business. I wonder if anyone could have predicted what was about to happen.

Shaun was a man who thought in angles and advantages; one step ahead of everyone around him until that one fateful day when it all came crashing down. The Big Seven levied short sighted financial sanctions against Hardcastle Haulage for a bit of sideline smuggling while at the same time his three ambitious sons and spiteful wife swept in to wrestle control of the business from him. But, did Shaun Hardcastle let some petty backstabbing stop him? Of course not!

It could be argued his actions following the takeover were ill advised…reactionary…certainly criminal, and quite possibly clinically disturbed. After all, attacking the cities of Arawn with a pirate armada of 60 ships might be seen as a bit extreme. Then again, what would you do to someone who took everything you’d worked your entire life to build?

Follow Shaun’s story in our Consortium rulebook and take a look at our Time Travel Sessions. Perhaps you’d like to do things differently!

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